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Horseback riding routes and alternative sports

Horseback riding and more…

The horseback riding routes are usually 2 to 4 hours long in the "Sierra de Gredos "Regional Park just north of Avila, 2 hours from Madrid, in a beautiful mountainous setting with dense forests full of a variety of animals and autochthonous plants with one of the largest reserves of the typical Spanish Mountain Goat with over 4000 specimens. Glacial ice and snow can be seen on the peaks with the highest peak called "Almanzor" over 2.600m high.
Alternative sports are physical recreational sports such as:
Traditional sports like field volleyball, frisbee, unihockey, korfball,t-ball, softball etc..all being played freely with no set rules, just for pure enjoyment of the participants.
Other sports include: hiking, trekking, etc…
Horseback riding on set routes is also available with picnic lunch included or even routes which may cover several days of riding with set lodging and supplies included.

We Offer
Our complete package includes:

  • Transports in First Class Coach from Madrid to North"Sierra de Gredos" , for groups from other destinations please contact us.
  • Routes of 2 or more hours, for beginners (no experience) up to any level.
  • Necessary equipment: Helmet
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Full insurance coverage

Any Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday of the year, minimum group size must be 15 to 20 people; if the number of participants is higher, the price will be lower and if the group is under the minimum, participants may have to use their own transport means.

Meals may be taken at a set price in one of the typical restaurants on route or participants may carry their own meals.

General Information The reservation fee is 30 Euros per person which will be discounted from the total package price and should be made 25 days before departure. Payment and prices: Contact us by telephone or E-mail.