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From a simple walk to high competition

What is Orienteering?.
Orienteering is a sport that comes from the Scandinavian countries and the U.S.A and has extended throughout the rest of Europe and the world. This sport is usually practiced in the outdoors being in the city or in the country, no artificial installations are required. It can be done on a simple recreational walk in family or one can compete to very high levels and allows for people of all ages and even the handicap to participate in groups or as individuals after one simple theory class.

Orienteering Race:
An Orienteering Race consists of navigating a set route length with varying difficulty in the best possible time, with information taken from a map and using a compass as the only instruments.
The race begins from the departure point and each participant or group carries a card which has to be marked going through different control points (tags) that are indicated on the map in a pre-established order so that by doing the route correctly the marks will be in order on the card.

There such possibilities as:

  • Recreational family activity for those who like taking nature walks.

  • A way of forming part of a team

  • An activity to better health and keep physically fit

  • A game

  • A competition

  • Leadership and Director skill training and ability

  • Outdoor Training for specific groups or businesses.