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Adrenaline, strategy and teamwork…

This fun game of strategy and skill incites working as a team, decision making, imagination, tactics and companionship to reach the common goal ,as well as using these driving qualities to become fit.
This is team activity using air guns which shoot paintballs (biodegradable, environmentally safe) which mark the enemy and eliminates them from the game.
In principal, paintball can be any game in which markers and paintballs are used with the objectives and rules being laid out. Nevertheless, there are several different types of games to choose from and one as simple as two teams who have to capture a flag which is in the center of a field or play with two flags, one for each team in which the objective is to capture the other team´s flag. X-Ball is a version of this game where there are 4 quarters of 10 minutes each team´s objective is to capture the other team´s flag as many times possible during each quarter.

There are as many versions to this game as the imagination allows.
Paintball is a safe sport with no risk whatsoever, when using the proper necessary equipment:

  • Mask and protective glasses that cover the face and eyes to avoid paintball impacts.

  • Protective suit covering the clothes which also serves to identify team members.

  • Air gun (approved safety standards).

  • Paintballs: small gel caps full of biodegradable vegetable dye, washable and non-toxic.

Paintball is a game which is considered a sport in the majority of countries where played, it´s dynamic and combines physical exercise, adrenaline, strategy, cleverness, adventure, teamwork etc.. In many Human Resource Departments of major companies, Paintball is becoming very popular to motivate and show workers how to work together to reach objectives ( Teamwork).
Moreover, it´s a great way to have Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, birthdays and in general to practice an adventure sport with large groups of friends in nature.

Take your enemy out with a harmless paintball.